UK Civil Society Almanac 2019

A treasure trove of voluntary sector data

First published in 1996, the UK Civil Society Almanac is the definitive resource on the state of the voluntary sector. Drawing on a range of sources, the Almanac produces insights on what voluntary organisations do, their income and spending, workforce, volunteers and the sector's impact. Our data and charts are available for anyone to download. For an overview of the latest findings, read our executive summary.
Total contribution of the voluntary sector to the UK economy
82% of organisations have an income below £100,000 but the number of bigger organisations continued to grow. Those with an income over £1m are fewer in number but account for more than four-fifths of the sector’s income.
Income continued to grow more slowly than in previous years. The public and government remain the largest income sources but they both have plateaued. Total growth was instead driven by increases in grants and investments.
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