UK Civil Society Almanac 2020

Never more needed

First published in 1996, the UK Civil Society Almanac is essential reading on the state of the voluntary sector. This year, during a time of global crisis and uncertainty, understanding the role the sector plays to support society is more important than ever. Drawing on a range of sources, the Almanac provides a snapshot of what voluntary organisations do, their income and spending, workforce, volunteering and its impact. For a quick overview, read our executive summary.
Social services remains the largest subsector with 32,258 voluntary organisations, followed by culture and recreation (24,024) and religion (15,139). How do other subsectors fare and what are the top 10 voluntary organisations by income?
19.4 million
people volunteered at least once a year during 2018/19 through a group, club or organisation. Find out more about who, how and where
While income and spending increased, income growth has slowed down. In 2017/18, the sector’s total income grew by 2% to £53.5bn, with the public being one of the main driver. How have other sources changed and how are different-sized organisations doing financially?
You can download the summary of findings as a pdf for free, giving you a good overview of the sector at your fingertips.